Brian Holman

Brian Holman is the Founder and Executive Director of Empower College Prep. Previously, he supervised teachers in general education and special education for grades K-12 as a Program Director for 4 years with Teach For America. Mr. Holman has also served his community as the chair of his church’s outreach team and Secretary of the Diaconate. He holds Master’s Degrees in Education Administration from the University of Phoenix and in Curriculum and Instruction from Arizona State University. His Bachelor’s Degree is in Journalism from Indiana University, where he also majored in Political Science and was published for his honors thesis, The Supreme Court and the Establishment Clause.

Angela Crespo

Angela Crespo is the Director of Finance and Operations for Empower College Prep. She attended the University of Arizona where she studied Business Economics and Spanish. She received her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and Masters Degree in Secondary Education. She served as a corps member with Teach For America in 2010 to help ensure that all children have access to a quality education. Since then Angela has worked in education as an Instructional Coach, Vice Principal, and Director of Academics for Math and Science. As the Director of Finance and Operations she aims to serve the scholars of Empower College Prep and their families by establishing and overseeing systems that yield a financially strong organization where instruction is supported by talented staff and aligned resources, and the stability of the organization is preserved so that Empower can fulfill its mission of seeing every child to college.

Naquana Mitchell

Naquana Mitchell is the Director of Development and Community Relations for Empower College Prep. She has undergraduate degrees from the Crane School of Music and received her Master’s degree from Drexel University. She has served as a non profit executive for various non profit groups including Girls Incorporated and Habitat for Humanity. In addition to her job as Director of Development, Naquana is also a certified music teacher and maintains a private studio of students. In her free time, Naquana enjoys baking, singing, and planning her upcoming wedding. She resides in Phoenix with her fiance Francisco.

Becky Jones

Becky Jones is a School Director at ECP. She is originally from Texas and graduated with a BA from Texas Lutheran University. She moved to Phoenix in 2006 and obtained her MA in Teaching from Grand Canyon University. Becky was the Teacher of the Year at Imagine Camelback where she taught 2nd grade in 2010-11. Since then, she has taught in multiple grades as young as Kindergarten and as old as 6th grade, during which time she has increased proficiency as much as 40% in one year to as high as 85%, while coaching cheerleading, volleyball, and baseball. She has also taught in Massachusetts and before returning to Phoenix in 2016 spent some time in Ohio where she served in leadership for two years. Becky is a proven leader and manager who provides an extraordinary new perspective to take our organization to the next level.

Jessica Carlson

Jessica Carlson is a founding staff member at Empower College Prep. She graduated from the University of Arizona, and has a degree in Speech Language and Hearing Sciences. She joined Teach for America in 2010, where she taught 3r d through 5t h grade in rural Mississippi. She returned to Phoenix, and started teaching at Empower in 2012. She served as a 4th through 6th grade English Language Arts teacher at ECP, before transitioning three years ago into school leadership. For the last two years, she has been the Director of Academics and Interventions for Humanities, and currently serves as School Director for grades 6-8. She is a firm believer in life long education, and is attending Arizona State University for her Masters in Educational Leadership, Principalship. She is passionate about literacy and curriculum development, and is an avid reader. Jessica lives in Gilbert, Arizona with her wonderful husband and dog.

Sarah Caffee

Sarah Caffee is the Head of School for Empower College Prep High School. She has worked with Empower College Prep for the past four years. While teaching at Empower, Sarah was a fellow with New Schools for Phoenix where she toured high performing schools throughout the country to bring best practices to Empower’s high school. Prior to joining Empower, Caffee taught ninth-grade special education at Westwood High School in Mesa and was a Teach For America corps member. She received her B.A. from The George Washington University and her Masters in Special Education from Arizona State University. As the Head of School for Empower College Prep High School, Caffee wants to provide an excellent education through personalized learning, mentoring, and real-world projects and experiences. In her free time, Caffee enjoys spending time in the outdoors, doing improv, and traveling.

Angela Ortega

Angela Ortega graduated from Grand Canyon University with a bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration and a minor in Business Administration. During her time at GCU, she participated as treasurer for the Latino Student Union and served as a council member for Diversity Leadership Alliance, which provides free leadership workshops for high school and college students. Prior to working as the External Relations Coordinator at Empower, Ms.Ortega served as a Student Recruitment Director for Empower College Prep. Ms. Ortega is deeply connected to ECP’s mission and is thrilled to be part of Empower.

David Dillman

David Dillman is Empower College Prep’s Technology Coordinator. He has an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree, focusing on theology and graphic design, but has always been gifted in the building and management of technological devices and networks. He is looking forward to pursuing the completion of his master’s in the fall of 2017. David built Empower College Prep’s network at its inception, and has been managing its growth and operation ever since. He is proud to be part of a school that equips children to succeed, with the student to tech ratio being 1:1 to further that goal. David has a wife and four kids, and he enjoys the fact that he has a direct connection with his eldest two children’s education, as they attend ECP.

Carmen A Garcia

Ms. Carmen A Garcia is our Compliance Coordinator, joined Empower College Prep July 2015. She is a stickler when it comes to her job and won’t bend the rules! Born in Northern California (Bay Area) and raised in Southern California (San Diego). She enjoys spending time with her family (during our breaks) specially with her niece. She enjoys going to the movies, reading a good book and listening to music. Her favorite author is Gabriel Garcia Marquez and her favorite movies are Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Grease. She loves to cook and bake and once in a blue moon will surprise her co-workers with brownies or cake. She has worked in the education industry for over 10 years, university level to elementary level.

Natalie Morgan

Natalie Morgan serves as our College and Career Counselor. She has 7 years experience developing college-prep programs in Phoenix and Los Angeles. Natalie is an alumna of UC San Diego having studied Cognitive Science and found her passion for education justice through her service with Public Allies Los Angeles, an Americorps program. In her free time she enjoys dancing, reading and mentoring youth.

Walter Hall

Walter Hall is the Operations Coordinator and Athletic Director here at Empower College Prep High School. As a US Navy Veteran, he provides a high level of pride to the Empower College Prep organization. As the Operations Coordinator he is responsible for overseeing the daily functions of the school outside of anything instructional. Some of his responsibilities include managing fire and safety procedures, managing upkeep and scope of the campus, managing vendors and contractor that are associated with Empower College Prep High School. As the Athletic Director, he uses his 10 years coaching and 20 years of athletic background to oversee all of the sports programs here at Empower College Prep High School.

Diego Poveda

Diego Poveda has been with Empower College Prep for three years and now serves as its Operations Coordinator. Diego also coaches the 6th-8th grade soccer team, which brought Empower their first championship trophy in 2014-2015. In his free time, Diego enjoys playing outdoors sports.