Meet our elementary school faculty and staff.

Name Subject Email Pictures
 Becky Jones  School Director  
 Myrtle De Lara-   Rojas  Dean of Curriculum &   Instruction  
 Kimberly Ward  Dean of Curriculum &   Instruction  
 Anjula Shou  3rd Grade Teacher and Team   Leader  
 Veronica Ajoy  3rd Grade Teacher  
 Laura Tamez  3rd Grade Teacher  
 Hemima Botla  3rd Grade Special Education   Teacher  
 Rubyliza   Montecillo  4th Grade Special Education   Teacher  
 Kristen Erwin  4th Grade Teacher & Team   Leader  
 Jessy Aceituno  4th Grade Teacher  
 Rick Spinell  3rd & 4th Intervention  
 Erica Ferguson  5th Grade Humanities   Teacher  
 Dwayne Howell  5th Grade Math & Science   Teacher  
 Michelle Mazzei  5th Grade Humanities   Teacher  
 Micki   Christenson  5th Grade Special   Education   Teacher &   Special   Education   Coordinator  
 Brittany Johnson  6th Grade Reading   Teacher   & Team Leader  
 Garrett Cardoza  6th Grade Math Teacher  
 Beenish   Mukarram  6th Grade Science Teacher  
 Ralph Longyn   Jore  6th Grade Special Education  
 Jessica Taylor  6th-7th ELD Teacher  
 Sheba   Christopher  7th Grade Math Teacher  
 Katelynn Reeder  7th Grade Science Teacher &   Team Leader  
 Joshua Mercado  7th Grade Social Studies   Teacher  
 Mary Reynolds  7th Grade Special Education   Teacher  
 Patricia   Zwagerman  7th Grade Paraprofessional  
 William Sawyer  Music Teacher  
 Adrian Ferguson  Technology Teacher  
 Quintin Hatch Physical Education Teacher  
 Diego Poveda  Operations Coordinator  
 Cesar Garcia   Lopez  Operations Associate  
 Jonathan   Reynoso  Technology Associate