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Fast Facts

1. Empower College Prep Elementary School is located on the campus of North Phoenix Baptist Church at 5757 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85012.

2. We serve approximately 500 elementary scholars, beginning in third grade.

3. Our scholars attend classes Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 3:45 pm. On Thursday’s, scholars have early release at 1:10 pm.

4. Bus transportation is available for all scholars either through school bus or city bus passes.


Empower College Prep establishes a long term plan and vision of mastery for all of its elementary and high schools that is aligned to Arizona’s Career and College Readiness standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, and pre-advanced placement courses for Social Studies.

Teachers are empowered to use resources purchased by the school or create resources that combine their passions and scholars’ gifts and interests with the knowledge and skills in the long term plan in order to facilitate mastery and real-world application.

The elementary school day goes from 8 AM to 3:45 PM Monday-Wednesday and Friday, and from 8 AM to 1:00 PM on Thursday. Scholars may arrive as early as 7:30 AM.

The elementary school dress code is a green, royal and navy blue shirt and khaki or blue pants. No jeans are allowed except for special dress days or $1 Jeans Days.

University trips mark the end of each year. Scholars participate in sports that include soccer, volleyball, flag football, and basketball. Other clubs include Robotics, Crafts, Newspaper, Band, and Choir. Scholar Expo Nights provide opportunities twice each year for classes and clubs to showcase work for their families and the community.

Parents are encouraged to volunteer at the school, attend expo nights and performances, participate in Empower Families Meetings, and stay informed of their child’s progress through reviewing progress reports and attending quarterly parent-teacher conferences.

The Arts

| Music
In the 3rd-5th grade music, scholars are learning how to read, write, and play music. They do this by using rhythm sticks, boomwhackers, and other instruments as well. The scholars eventually have the opportunity to write their own music. Throughout the year, the scholars will learn the different kinds of instruments and different musical genres. This will help lead them to further development later on in their schooling.

In 6th grade, scholars have the opportunity to join Band, where they can learn the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet or trombone. In 7th and 8th grade, scholars can elect to take Ukulele Choir where students will learn how to play and sing contemporary songs. Both ensembles perform a concert in the winter and in the spring every year, where the scholars have the opportunity to showcase their talents for family and friends.

| Art
In grades 3-5 art is filled with projects and activities that will help scholars think critically, grow their creativity and develop their communication skills by talking and writing about their art and the artwork of famous artists. We focus on the elements of art (color, line, shape, form, value, space, and texture) and how they are used in artwork. Scholars use what they learn about the elements and apply it to their own artwork.

In 6th through 8th grade, scholars will create original artwork using many types of media. Throughout the semester scholars will practice, plan, and create art in their own sketchbook. This allows students to be challenged in their critical thinking skills and develops their technical skills. Scholars learn about various artists and art movements, and how to analyze, describe, and critique art.

Physical Education & Sports

Empower College Prep Physical Education Department strives to develop healthy bodies, and promote lifelong physical activity and sports through a rigorous creative curriculum. We will empower our scholars with the knowledge and skills necessary to make outstanding decisions for lifelong physical activity.

Leadership & Scholar Government

Scholars have the opportunity to plan and lead events and shape the culture of our school through scholar government. Scholars can run for a variety of positions during each school year. Elected scholars will be responsible for planning cultural events, dances, spirit weeks, and service projects.

After School Programs

Many scholars extend their day by participating in one of the many after-school sports or clubs, getting help at homework club, or coming for some extra tutoring. After-school programs typically last until 5:15 PM.

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