National School Lunch Program


Empower College Prep desires to contract with a Caterer to provide meals for our SFA’s food
service program. Offers received by the correct time and date will be opened and the name of
each Offeror will be publicly read. Offers must be in the actual possession of Empower College
Prep on or prior to the time and date, and at the submittal location indicated. Late offers will not
be considered. Offers must be submitted in a sealed envelope or package with the Solicitation
Number and the Offeror’s name and address clearly indicated on the envelope or package.

Proposals will be accepted until 3:00 PM April 26th, 2022 at the address below.

For more information contact:

Angela Ortega

Empower College Prep.

2411 W Colter St.

Phoenix, AZ 85015

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ECP Catering RFP