Meet our high school faculty and staff.

Name Subject Email Pictures
Bob Rossi School Director  
Brynn Embley Manager of Marketing and Communications /
Assistant Principal  
Natalie Morgan College and Career Counselor  
Stephanie Erickson Social Worker  
Jake Richardson 8th Grade Science  
Marc Williams 8th Grade ELA  
Christina Findley 8th Grade Math  
Cory Buckband 8th Grade Social Studies  
Mirtha Sanchez High School Readiness  
Jyothi Maria 8th Grade Learning Specialist  
Caitlyn Rogers 9th Grade English  
Wendy Gomez 9th Grade History  
Nicole Schminski High School Math  
Austin Boehm High School Math  
Sarah Cullen High School Science  
Amy Poveda High School English  
High School History  
Jessica Rotheiser High School Science  
Annette Siemssen High School Math  
Kalen Davis Electives  
Bill Binder Electives  
Sarahi Chavez Electives  
Deborah Backus Music  
Nicholas Tapia Dance Teacher  
Stephanie Berg Dance Teacher  
Michael Butler Learning Specialist  
Anne Skotowski Learning Specialist  
Maricela Garay ELL Teacher  
Walter Hall Operations Coordinator  
Sam Gilbreth Operations Associate