This is a central part of our mission to empower scholars to go to college and change the world, beginning with their own community in high school.

  • Internships: During their Junior or Senior Year, each student has a semester-long internship at a business in Phoenix.
  • PLTW and STEM: Scholars explore pathways in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science to learn technical skills and collaboratively begin solving tomorrow’s problems today. The school’s Makerspace, complete with a 3D printer, is used with this program.
  • Verizon Innovate Learning:  Scholars develop apps to meet the needs of local businesses and conduct user testing to refine the app’s effectiveness.
  • Forensic Science: Future crime scene investigators begin honing their skills today in our Forensic Science class.
  • Seed Spot Next: Scholars apply design thinking skills with communication, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to develop innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.


  • Dual enrollment courses: Beginning sophomore year, scholars will be able to attend university classes and receive college credit during the school day at Empower College Prep through our partnership with Grand Canyon University’s dual enrollment program.
  • Advanced Placement courses: Scholars can earn college credit through Advanced Placement courses in World History, US History, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, English Language and Composition, and Calculus.
  • Annual university trips: Scholars tour universities every year at Empower College Prep, including a trip to their nation’s capital where they meet their U.S. Congressman and tour top-rated universities in Washington, D.C.
  • Summit Learning: Our curriculum was designed in partnership with Standord University and Facebook to provide students college preparatory instruction on a personalized learning platform.  Each student learns at their pace on personal laptops with individualized support from well-trained teachers.
  • AVID: Scholars can participate in our school’s AVID Program that supports them to build study skills and scholarly habits for success in classes now and in college.


  • Soccer: Our Varsity soccer teams are perennial powerhouses, competing for a state championship each year.
  • Volleyball: Our Girls’ Volleyball team competed in the Charter Atheltic Association playoffs last year and hope to win a championship in the future.
  • Basketball: The ECP Wolves basketball teams are seeking top talent to compete for championships in upcoming years.
  • Cheer: ECP’s cheer squad will support athletics and compete in cheer competitions throughout the year.
  • Weightlifting: Scholars can participate in a weightlifting class throughout the week.


  • Ukulele band: The ukulele band performs at school and local events, featuring popular songs like Rip Tide and I’m Yours.
  • Music composition: Scholars can learn to write and perform their own music in our Music Composition class.
  • Drama / Improv: Young performers get training in our improv class and perform in the school’s Pakis Playhouse Blackbox Theatre.
  • Partner dance class: Scholars learn East Coast Swing, Salsa, and other partner dances in our Partner Dance Class.
  • Piano / Guitar: Scholars can learn a new instrument, or become more proficient in one they already play. Most students begin with piano or guitar, but other instruments are available as well.
  • Choir: Our choir and rock band mix contemporary and classical songs for music-lovers in our high school.
  • Photography: The digital skills and rich opportunities that come from photography are highlighted in our photography class.
  •  Drawing and Painting: Scholars draw and paint, and critique famous works, in our Art classes.