What scholars will achieve

1. Empower College Prep High School is located at 2411 W Colter St., Phoenix, AZ 85015

2. We serve approximately 400 high school scholars.

3. Our scholars attend classes Monday through Friday from 7:40 am to 2:25 pm. On Thursday’s, scholars have early release at 12:05 pm.

4. Bus transportation is available for all scholars through city bus passes.

Empower College Prep scholars graduate with three items in addition to their high school diploma:

1. An acceptance letter to a university.
2. Scholarship to help pay for college.
3. A plan of study to maximize their impact in the world.

During high school, our scholars have the opportunity to

  • Take Advanced Placement (AP) or dual enrollment courses in areas that interest them.
  • Complete 50 hours of community service.
  • Have the opportunity to hold an internship in an area of interest.

Community Engagement

Internships | At Empower College Prep High School, scholars see the connection between classroom lessons, their individual gifts and interests, and their future professional goals. In 12th grade, scholars engage in internships with local professionals. These internships provide practical experience and networking opportunities that are central to success in college and future careers.

Service to Community | Beginning in 9th grade, scholars are required to complete 50 hours of community service each year. This service to community helps scholars to continue to pinpoint their individual interests and cultivate their desires to positively impact their community and world. Scholars will complete these hours through their projects in classes, school service days, and monthly weekend service projects.


In order to be college-ready, scholars must possess the habits and values necessary for the demands of college. All scholars are enrolled in an advisory class each year where they learn different habits for success based on their current grade.

For example, all Freshmen learn note-taking, organization, reading, writing, and study-skills that will help them excel in their high school courses. Junior year, however, scholars research colleges, study for their SAT, and make action plans to ensure they are competitive applicants for their desired schools.

From their first day at Empower College Prep High School to the day that they graduate, all scholars are assigned a staff mentor who meets with them one-on-one for at least 15 minutes a week to help them set goals and navigate challenges.


Empower College Prep establishes a long term plan and vision of mastery for all of its high school students that is aligned to Arizona’s Career and College Readiness standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, and offers an array of Advanced Placement courses. It addition, we supplement these standards with curriculum from Summit Learning curriculum.

Summit Learning is a curriculum developed in conjunction with Stanford University and used at a high-performing charter network in California. It includes 36 critical thinking skills used across content areas.

Teachers are empowered to use resources purchased by the school or create resources that combine their passions and scholars’ gifts and interests with the knowledge and skills in the long-term plan in order to facilitate mastery and real-world application.

The high school day goes from 7:40 AM – 2:25 PM Monday-Wednesday and Friday, and from 7:40 AM -12:05 PM on Thursday. Breakfast is served from 7:15 AM to 7:35 AM.

The dress code can be found HERE for High School (9-11 grade)

Parents can be involved in a variety of activities from office support to being an active volunteer. Parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer at least 50 hours each school year in support of the school, its mission and activities. Parents can also participate in monthly parent workshops. Please call 602-283-5720 and press option 2 to find out more information. 

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