Welcome to Empower College Preps Transportation Department. We manage all of Empower College Prep’s daily AM, PM, Field-Trip, and Athletic trips. We are committed to supporting our families and students with safe and effective transportation to enhance their learning potential during their school day. We put into practice Empower College Prep’s Core Values of  values Respect and Humility, Integrity, Compassion and Empathy, Optimism and Hope, Stewardship and Restoration, Wisdom and Truth, Perseverance and Excellence to provide a safe and nurturing environment for our students.

We take great pride that you have entrusted your children’s education and transportation toEmpower College Prep  and always strive to improve our transportation for you and your children. Please find information about campus documents and forms, magnet transportation routes and times, contact information, and any delays that we may encounter. Thank you and have a wonderful and productive year.

Transportation Contact Information

Phone: 602-283-5720 Option 5

Email: transportation@empowercollegeprep.org

Route 1 Stops & Times
Route 2 Stop & Times
Route 3 Stop & Times
Route 4 Stops & Times
Route 5 Stops & Times
Route 6 Stops & Times